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Internship Experience

  • All students seeking to complete their Bachelors in Engineering, MS-IT and Agriculture must satisfy the Internship Work Experience. This entails completing a minimum of one semester of relevant work experience before obtaining the Associate Degree in Engineering, MSIT and agriculture. This internship experience must be completed before entering semester 7. One full month of Practical Work Experience provide sufficient time to complete these requirements.

  • Overview

  • Classroom instruction alone is not sufficient to equip today’s students with the knowledge and skills required to ensure a successful career. What the classroom cannot provide is the experience and personal challenges found in the working environment. At work, the student also has the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-life situations in business and industry. This type of education has become known as experiential learning, workplace education, or internship program. In practice, internship alternates periods of academic study and related, practical working experiences. The Faculty of Engineering, MSIT and Agriculture will administer Gollis University’s internship trades and technology program. The program will involve students in applied learning situations designed to enhance their knowledge in their discipline. As a result, these programs will help to develop the skills necessary for employment and lifelong learning. The internship program may include cooperative education, co-op internships, fieldwork practicums, and workplace experiences.

  • Student Information

  • Through internship, employers and educators share the responsibility of preparing students for today's rapidly changing work environment. Employers become co-educators and help to develop students into effective members in their industries. Internship program is a three-way partnership between cooperating employers, students and the Institution. Students are paid for their work experience and are evaluated by the employer and GollisUniversity. GollisUniversity approves work placements to ensure they are suitable and relevant and may also work with the employer to develop the position. Internship placements allow students to apply their classroom knowledge and develop new skills in a professional setting. Students can choose to work in a variety of fields within their program area. Different work placements also allow students to network within their industry, which helps in finding employment after graduation. The Internship programs are developed with industry recommendations, where employers give feedback on the relevance of Gollis University's programs and whether they are generating the appropriate level of competence required in prospective employees. This process ensures participating students are on the forefront of industry trends and practices.

  • Prerequisites for internship placement

  • Students must successfully complete all courses up to semester six before they can be placed into a work placement.