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Registration Policy


  • A. Registration Procedures

  • The registrar will publish registration dates for each semester or other terms. Students who have been admitted to the University are eligible to register for courses offered at the University subject to any conditions of admission, class size limitations and prerequisites established for particular courses. All courses to be taken must be approved by the registrar.
    No credit will be awarded for any course, which a student might take without the approval of the registrar. Registration must be completed by the last day to register or add a class for credit as published in the catalog and class schedule booklet.
    No student will receive credit for any course in which he/she is not formally registered. Students who do not formally drop a course by the last day to drop a class without a grade will have their names carried on that class roll and will receive the grade of “F” for the course. Students are advised that it is their individual responsibility to make certain that his/her name has been properly added to or deleted from the class roll of any class scheduled or dropped after registration day.
  • B. Registration as Day/Evening “Cross-Over”

  • Under certain conditions, and with the written approval of the vice-president for academic affairs, a student registered in one of the several “day” programs of Gollis University may be permitted to schedule one or more classes in the evening, modular program and vice versa if a seat is available. Under no circumstances however, will an evening student be permitted to register for classes offered during the day. Neither will a day student be permitted to take an evening course in less than regular modular format.