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Gollis University

The mission of the Faculty of education is to enable teacher trainees to “become professional leaders committed to making a positive difference in their field”.

  • Prepare students to be teachers who have already obtained a thorough knowledge of their appropriate teaching fields.
  • Prepare students to be effective teachers through a sequenced professional development program, including field and student teaching experiences.
  • Prepare student-teachers who are devoted to fulfill the practical implementation of Somaliland Education Policy and the Millennium development Goals.

Primary Teacher Education

Presently Gollis University runs a primary teacher education program in partnership with the Somaliland Ministry of Education funded by the European Union.
The primary teacher education program is designed to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and will promote a more peaceful, equitable and democratic society.
It will also enhance the livelihood of the citizens of Somaliland and improve the access to basic education of the targeted groups.
The link between the alleviation of poverty and greater access to education has been well established through various pieces if research.
By improving and expanding teacher education will result in improved livelihoods for all classes and groups in Somaliland.