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Faculty Of Medicine

Gollis University

To produce high quality multidisciplinary health care professionals through its community based educational philosophies that are competent in health care delivery
and other health services and programs in the country and globally.

We will be recognized by our community-based educational philosophy through academic, research and practice programs as a college of preference that values community,
diversity, excellence and integrity in health professions education, scholarship and service.

The objectives of the Faculty of Medicine are consistent with the objectives of Gollis University in developing and maintaining excellence in the quality of its academic standards and of research,
establishing programs to meet the expanding needs of Somaliland and of providing the means to reach out to all the people in the Horn of Africa.
The Faculty seeks to attain these objectives through an organizational structure which allows optimum interaction among the various disciplines within the Medical Sector and with other regional and international Faculties and Schools of Medicine as appropriate.
The organizational structure includes interactions with hospitals and other institutions affiliated with the University.

The specific objectives of the faculty are to:
  • Teach medical students to be qualified professional physicians; and to provide such learning experiences that will inspire all medical graduates of the faculty to be prepared
    to practice medicine at the highest standards, serving all individuals and societies in the pursuit of health.
  • Acknowledge the special conditions of this Country by encouraging the education of physicians with exemplary skills for national practice.
  • Educate and train graduate and diploma students in the health sciences.
  • Provide educational experiences in medicine and the medical sciences leading to Bachelor Degrees in general practice (family medicine)
    or specialist subjects, especially in those areas where deficiency in numbers is currently recognized or anticipated

Instill within students at all levels:
a) Act as a resource in providing undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing medical education.
b) Contribute to the advancement of educational methods.
c) Practice the highest quality of primary, secondary, or tertiary care medicine.
d) Show leadership in promoting research into the health of the individual and the community, including the organization of health care delivery systems.
e) Facilitate and promote education and research appropriate to our East African environment.

Provide educational experiences in the health sciences to students from other Schools or Faculties of Gollis University and of other educational institutions.
Provide Continuing Medical Education experiences which will help physicians to maintain and enhance their competence in the medical and health sectors.
Provide a learning environment for undergraduate, and postgraduate students of medicine and the medical sciences who are citizens of other African countries.
Actively to provide an Informational, Educational and Consultative resource for the whole community.

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