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Veterinary Medicine

Gollis University

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Gollis University is the leading institution in teaching, research, and attracts students, researchers and clinicians from Somaliland and in the Horn of Africa. The Faculty demonstrates this forward thinking approach to veterinary education and preparation for lifelong career in veterinary science.

Our vission is to lead the veterinary faculties of our country and in east african universities and to become one of the best faculties in veterinary that provide good skills in veterinary.

  • To produce graduates have well skills in veterinary medicine.
  • To prepare practical canters that is responsible for trainings and practical sides.
  • To provide to students a suitable environment for conception a good knowledge
  • To make a good relationship with others institutions that deal with this knowledge.
  • To collaborate with all institutions those who have aims for the development in a veterinary medicine.
  • Provide consultancy services in a veterinary medicine.
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