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                                          Group pictures of some of them

Here are some of the former master graduates for academic years 2015 and 2016. A bigger number of them have not provided their text and pictures but will be included in another edition. Some of them have voluntarily shared their former student experience with the Gollis University School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR). They include:


Abdi Haybe Osman

Really, my professor, I am very happy, you have given me a lot of knowledge throughout this program and research guidance. I am not the same as I came. Thank you Gollis University.


Muuse Abdilaahi Mohumed

In my academic life, I have never experienced a comprehensive research guidance and attention as a student as I have received at the School of Graduate Studies and Research in Gollis University. Professors can help you any time even at what we call private time!


Fauzi Omar Derir 


Alhamdulillah…! I am very happy to have gotten this opportunity to study a masters with Gollis University. We are going to influence society change using this technical knowledge and skills gained.


Ugbad Ahmed Hashi

I was nervous before coming to this level. Research was a new thing for me but I thank Allah for Gollis University has equipped me with a lot of advanced research skills that I can confidently make a public presentation.


Najah Ahmed Mouse

I think I have become more productive and there is a positive difference in my performance at workplace. I wish everyone would take a master’s degree opportunity. Our country can be a better place.


Abdikani Hamud Awale

This is great! The multidisciplinary approach at Gollis University Graduate Schools is a super ingredient that has a given me a basis for managing multi-tasks at my work organisation. I am proud to have graduated but with abundant international experience. It was affordable and convenient. I even got a better job and left teaching immediately.

Mohamed Ahmed Abdi Darbo

I cannot imagine two years is a very short time and we are now graduated with a Master’s degree locally but with an international experience. We can never be the same and our organisations are going to see a difference. I must pause in this picture with my Thesis Supervisor, Prof. Peter Ssimbwa. He is the reason why I managed to excel in my Master Degree.


Abdiaziz Ahmed Ali

I cannot imagine how undertaking a course in Policy management has helped me to influence policy change for benefit of my community. But I know I will be resourceful to CARE International in implementing smart project activities in whichever part of the world I will be posted.

Ahlam Mustafa Mohamed

This is the first time I trust my expertise. The Gollis University masters’ degree has really shaped my career. It is the reason why I was promoted to a better job. A million thanks to Gollis University who hired the most reliable and experienced international expatriates. Long live Gollis University. I know this Master Program is very strong because it has enabled be to handle my daily tasks at the place of work.

Abdishakur Ahmed  Ali 

Ohhhh Mancha Allah...At long last I have graduated. With the Gollis Masters Degree, I have improved my critical thinking skills. Thanks to my beloved professors.


                 Hassan Dalmar

      Web Administrator Gollis University.