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Mr. Abdi haibe Osman, President SPGSR Alumni.

I do not know about you, but this year seems to be flying at the rocket speed. Just after this Ramadan, over fourty Master Students will be awarded their degrees. I am exceedingly humbled to be the Chairman of SPGSR alumni (GU). We value our alumni at the School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) like any other Gollis alumni. Although our SPGSR Alumni Association is as young as three years, I am impressed by its hybrid networking.Thank you for your valued time that you have always sacrificed toshare your various field experiences to mentor new Gollis Master Students. I am more than convinced they are greatly benefiting from you. I fully embrace the opportunity and I am genuinely excited about the future of this great institution and its high quality Master Program.Continue to be the change that you would like to cultivate in our country. Let us concentrate on activities that will contribute to building, improving and maintaining effective communication and networking. That is what makes us a great institution. You have my full support. United we stand and divided we fall. Long live GU Alumni.


Alumni pausing in a photo after receiving their Certificates


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