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You may not know that Gollis University is a reliable institution from which most members of the community and schools depend. Our university outreach activities impact various individuals in the community through a variety of service projects. Providing moral support to junior students is one of the key services the School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) voluntarily provides to secondary school students in Somaliland regions. Prof. Gerald Ainebyona has been involved in grooming form four candidates to be psychologically ready for their Somaliland National Examinations.

Form four students gently seated in the Gollis University Auditorium waiting for a Professor.

The professor advised the students to avoid what he called the “last minute reading” due to its disadvantage of confusing the examination mind. “… we want you all to excel in your form four final examinations,” Prof. Ainebyona told them. He further helped them to project into their future professional responsibility after they graduate from university education. Quoting his own words, the professor told the students, “your future begins today, therefore, you must utilize your precious time now. I know all of you are going to excel 101% but you will also be great men and women in your country and beyond. Some of you are going to represent your communities, districts and regions as Members of Parliament, others will be ministers and professors.” Prof. Ainebyona later took them through some of the English language rules and expectations in the Examination room and they seemed to be ready for the examinations come July, 2017. When they were asked what they would like to become in future, the professor was impressed that these students would become democratic future leaders of Somaliland. He finally wished all of them a great success in their final examinations and welcomed them to register with Gollis University for quality university education.

Prof. Gerald Ainebyona PhD Cand. in a participatory interaction with form four students


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