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This report is based on the three years (2013-2016) of commitment made by Prof. Gerald Ainebyona, Mr.AbdirazakeGuray Abdi (Former Dean, SPGSR) and Prof. Simbwa Peter to promote the culture of academic excellence, capacity building of students and faculty as well as applied research not only at the SGSR but in the whole university. While tireless effort has been made in Masters of Social Sciences alongside other Master Programs, it has promoted the whole university to international recognition. This effort has produced students who show a positive difference in the job market, accessing new opportunities and testifying having benefited from a compressive curriculum compared to other universities in the country.


1.     We developed Master of Social Science Curriculum and shared over 500 e-books with the Digital Library.

2.     We wrote the University Prospectus in a period of three five days alongside other daily assignments in 2014, a document which had never been produced the University faculty in the previous 8 years.

3.     We supervised the former JKUAT/Gollis MBA students, 18 of them managed to defend their theses/dissertations and some student had his thesis published internationally.

4.     We teamed up in the re-organisation and review as well as the editing of the 2015-2020 Gollis University Strategic Plan where Prof. Gerald Ainebyona was very instrumental in its write-up as Senior Secretary.

5.     We wrote various projects and concept notes such;

·   The Higher Institutions and Facilities Report in 2013 with tangible results.

·     Two concept notes on Peace and Development that resulted into the Introduction of the Centre for Peace and Development and later, the Gollis University Research Institute in the year 2014.

·      The Somaliland/Somalia Stability Fund in 2015

·        Research concept paper on “Making Universal Primary Education Affordable for Somaliland in the early 2014.”

·        Presented a concept on “Small Business Enterprises highlighting Capacity of Gollis (Ministry of Trade and Commerce Collaboration for World Bank Funding) just recently in 2016.

6.     Made presentations on Food Security in collaboration with FAO, Nutrition and Sanitation as well as SWALIM.

7.     We streamlined the Graduate Admission Procedures.

8.     Developed the Undergraduate Research Curriculum for undergraduate program.

9.     Developed the School of Graduate Studies and Research Curriculum

10.   Developed the idea of Skills incubation Centre

11.   We wrote the GOLLIS TIMES (First Edition) in a period of only three days

12.  Co-authored the GOLLIS TIMES (Second Edition)

13.  Co-authored the 2015-2020 Gollis University Strategic Plan in which we developed the School of Graduate Studies and Research Five years Strategic Plan.

14. We conducted Research Seminars for Administrators and Deans which only went on successfully due to the full involvement of the President/management at the time.

15.  We conducted the first ever research presentations if not the last, to Social Sciences undergraduate students in English Language after rigorous supervision when Prof. Ssimbwa Peter was Dean, Social Science in 2015.

16.  Generated a Data Bank

17. Started Distance Learning Program in which the pioneer students will graduate in 2017.

18.  We graduated over 50 Master Students in 2015

19.  Graduated over 40 students in 2016

20.  This year, we expect to graduate around40master students in all programs.

21. Rigorously supervised the 2016 Master of Social Sciences Graduates in which practical research was presented while around 14 publishable work was identified.

22.  Researched on, and entirely participated in the Gollis University Affiliation to the Association of African Universities (AAU).

23. Mentally and technically participatedin the Gollis University Affiliation to ASIC.

24. Participated in the Gollis University Affiliation to AIU-UNESCO (underway)

25.  Provided technical Assistance towards Gollis University Collaboration with IFC/World Bank.

26. Participated in the Green House Evaluation (Sea Water Project) for Gollis University.

27. We developed the Capacity Building Assessment Guidelines and filled them to the best of SAVE the Children that later turned into a guide for all the selected Universities in Hargeisa region (won the SAVE the Children Fund for Gollis University Capacity Building in Pedagogy) in 2015.

28. We developed Research policies that were non-existent in Gollis University.

29.  Developed the admission policy for the Graduate School.

30. Wrote the Gollis University Code of Ethics

31.  Been writing Fundraising Documents of the University 2013-2016

32. Conducted an Education Career Event towards the 2015 Graduation that attracted undergraduates to the Master Program in the proceeding in-take.

33. Wrote the University Profile before the Ramadan Holiday of 2016.

34. Coaching some management staff in preparations for regional/international presentations.

35.   Participated in the designing of marketing strategies for the Graduate School.

36. Participated in designing the then Gollis University/European College Curriculum.

37.  Collaborated with the Altai Consulting on a successful Research Project.

38. Added ideas on the proposed project on the Italian Institute of Migration regarding Diaspora International and Economic Investment in Somaliland.

39.   Represented Gollis University on International Forums whenever called upon.



a)     Policy Implementation challenges

b)    Internal conspiraciesand organisational politics like in other organisations

c)     Negative attitude towards diversity

d)    High expert gap

e)     Communication gap

f)      Difficulties in finding important information in writing projects

g)     Language barrier on the side of the students in supervising research. Improvement is definitely possible where there is a will.



A positive change is possible once there is good will and collective responsibility in policy implementation. We recommend the following:

1.     Collective Policy implementation without changing gall posts

2.     Always do research on what your/our neighbouring competitors are doing so that you/we can do much better than them as regards to operationalization of program activities.

3.     Be positive towards diversity (all institutions everywhere are built on different opinions)

4.     Be positive on collective learning and teaching of English language realising that globalization has drastically changed the face of the world compressing it into one global village. English is good for Somaliland’s future internationalization.

5.     Value professionalism in implementing strategic plans and institutional policies.

6.     Collaboration of all Management staff, all Deans and lecturers as well as well-wishers in running the School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR).

7.     Strengthen the undergraduate program in order to prepare your/our students for Postgraduate studies. This could be done recruiting the right people to the right positions which the university is currently working on.

8.     Being humane

9.     Mutual respect

10.  Actively caring about our students’ capacity building needs.



Our participatory teaching at the School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) is aimed at empowering our students this kind of consultancy work independently when they engaged at their various places of work.We are continuously receiving positive feedback through the SPGSR Alumni Association concerning their outstanding performance and achievements after graduation. It is the major reason why the Gollis University Master Program is expanding every other day.


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