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Gollis University (GU) School of Postgraduate, Graduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) is grateful to share the former Alumni Association Vice President Speech. … I would like to welcome all the GU alumni to SONYO umbrella organisation. Feel at home, this is your organisation. I have always told you that the year 2016 is a year of opportunity. When I got a chance to study a Master’s Degree at Gollis University from 2013-2015, I was equipped with various technical skills which I must share with my organisation. There is no doubt at SONYO we have empowered thousands of young people from all Somaliland regions. The principles of participation and inclusiveness are key operational aspects of SONYO umbrella organisation. Both girls and boys are part of the great agenda for engineering sustainable development through youth capacity building in various projects. As Vice President SPGSR Alumni as well as a great friend of SONYO, I must challenge you that Somaliland can be a much better place if we continue to network with young people and all the Gollis University SPGSR graduates to change attitude for good reasons. I would like to challenge you also that a combined enthusiastic efforts of youth can result into independently successful people.

By the way, if we want to achieve sustainable development, we must never over-depend on government or institutions to solve any major problems. Margaret Mead once said that all social change comes from the passion of individuals.  One inspirational speaker also noted that progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Our government also understands that the youths have the power to impact change in our country. Please let us work together to make a positive difference. I am very sure if we work together with SONYO, there is no way how we can fail in life.

Thank you and thank you very much.

Abshir Hussein Hassan

Vice President SPGSR Alumni



 Hassan Dalmar

Web Administration