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I thank you for voting me to be the first Postgraduate Alumni President of Gollis University for 2016. The trust that you mirrored in me that moved you to select me to represent the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) Association. You mean a lot to me and I promise you that I will keep a good example throughout my leadership and term of office. Allow me to thank Gollis University Management for being the first University in Hargeisa to introduce a Master Program. Dr. Saeed Ahmed Hassan and his team are really very wise men. They understood that without evidence-based skills, our country cannot have strongly resourceful working policies, reliable leadership proper management of our natural resources. The Somaliland’s policy makers, leaders, managers, politicians, Members of Parliament, Ambassadors are supposed to be immediate beneficiaries of SPGSR Data Bank and Think Tanks. Local and International organisations are not exclusive of this endeavour. In order for them to implement effective projects and programs in this country, the former need first-hand realities. Our research professors are more than ready not only to work with but support you with technical expertise.

Before I enrolled to a Master Program, I always thought that I knew not until I started swimming into advanced academic sea of knowledge. It was the first time in life that I learnt to appreciate diversity of ideas. It is the reason why my employers trust my work performance. We had great professors from the USA, Uganda, UK, Ethiopia and Kenya because many of the students who have gone through their hands are very high ranking officials in various public and private institutions of Somaliland, the list is long. I was glad to meet most of them this afternoon. They taught to think and write critically as well as doing operational research at SPGSR. We learnt how to analyse development challenges from different angles and come up with workable solutions. Our Professors were very friendly, the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) history is very fascinating with a warm atmosphere.

I would like to challenge you today to act as professional leaders in which ever organisations you work with/for whether public or private. You may agree with me that leadership is the energetic process of getting people fully and willingly committed to a new and sustainable course of action to meet commonly agreed objectives while having commonly held values. This should be the work of SPGSR Alumni Association. I trust that we if we work together, we can get our communities address the effects of climate change, multiply opportunities for the youths and university graduates who will come after us. May the Almighty Allah bless you abundantly.

Khadar Mohamed Iman

Former President SPSGR Alumni Association

Email: k.iiman@yahoo.com

Mobile: +252634403940



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