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Research Institute (GURI)

Gollis University


The Gollis University Research Institute (GURI) promotes the delivery of high-quality and interdisciplinary research across all faculties and departments of Gollis University (GU). It also promotes and coordinates research projects with other organizations, to include higher education institutes, NGOs, professional organizations and international organizations. GURI also spearheads university efforts to procure and appropriately disseminate funding for high-quality research under the auspices of GU, in part or in whole. GURI is a Research and Education unit of GU and promotes research and advanced interdisciplinary education that encourages the cross-pollination of knowledge and team building in different areas/disciplines, in order to assure international recognition of the research done by or in cooperation with GU.

Concerning the dissemination of research knowledge, the Institute acts in complementary ways: organizing initiatives and events, training GU researchers on effective communication of research findings to non-specialist audiences, and supporting activities and projects of the GU students, faculty, staff and collaborating with outside institutions and organizations.

Research is being developed in the areas of Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and the Humanities. All research carried out under the auspices of GU must adhere to strict research ethics and guidelines as instituted, developed and enforced by GURI and the Gollis University Academic Board (hyperlink).

For further information about GURI or collaboration with Gollis University on research projects,
please contact the Director of GURI, Dr. Brendon J. Cannon (brendon.cannon@gollisuniversity.com). .